When the cat eye arrived on the scene in the 1950’s they were considered to be a lot more sophisticated and easy to wear for women, both for practical and stylistic reasons, than any of the other vintage styles available – because of this, their popularity grew and grew until they were eventually regarded as a fashion staple.

The French high-fashion house Chanel is renowned for its deliverance of haute couture, ready-to-wear luxury fashion clothing and accessories – they are highly regarded to the point of reverence in the fashion world, and their sunglasses collections convey why this is exceptionally.

The Birth of the Cat Eye. The Cat Eye frame has been embraced by the modern fashion world for so long now that it gets easy to forget that it popped out of the 1950’s. It is one of the most long-standing, popular styles around today; it is considered to be graceful, glamorous and innately feminine – a powerful trio.

The design features of the original Cat eye evolved over the coming decades, variations in shape, detail and materials emerged until we were left with numerous cat eye frames to choose from. Because of their highly versatile and wearable properties, the Cat eye shape is amongst an elite group to have come into fashion without fading out.

The shape of the frame on this model is where noticeable differences to other Cat eyes available can be highlighted. It is subtly upswept into the cat eye shape giving a softer overall appearance. This design makes these frames perfect for women looking to merge stylistic flare with a slightly more conservative level practicality and formality. It is a luxurious style that can be worn every day. The frame is ultra-slim with a keyhole bridge and features the iconic Chanel logo on its temples.

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